Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rachel Victoria Hull

On the way home from Collingwood, John and I stopped at a cemetery that I've driven by lots of times but never visited.  St George's Anglican Cemetery is hidden behind St George's Anglican Church. We walked around and a couple of stones caught my eye.  This one in particular because she died so young.
I did a quick google search on Rachel and her marriage announcement was published in the Burlington Post on 23 January 1907 so she was still pretty newly married when she died.(1)  My first thought is always that women this young and newly married die in child birth so off I went to look on Ancestry.
  I found their marriage record fairly quickly.  Charles, a 35 year old bachelor, born in Nelson to parents Margaret Emerson and John Small married Rachel Victoria Hull, aged 27 on 16 January 1907.  Rachel was also born in Nelson (present day Burlington) to parents Albert and Catharine McDavid.(2)
  Next I uncovered her death registration and it seems that I was wrong again.  Rachel died of acute nephritis on 17 August 1907, after suffering for 4 days.(3)  Acute nephritis is an inflation of the kidneys. (4)  At the time of her death, Rachel and Charles were farming in East Flamborough.
 It looks like Charles never remarried, he died May 3, 1956 and he was buried with his sister (Cathrine) and her husband (John McConnell) in Carlisle United Cemetery.(5)